Guide To Online Marketing for Trades (SimpleUP! Style)

Guide To Online Marketing for Trades (SimpleUP! Style)


If you are busy in your trade and have little patience for techie stuff, this guide is for you.

We like to keep things simple – we’ll skip the jargon and the technical stuff and get straight to the goods – after all you’re busy!

Problem: You can’t answer your leads immediately!

Nobody has any patience these days! If someone tries to connect with you and you don’t answer immediately, they just call the next guy down the list on the Google page or wherever they’re looking. They want help NOW.

Of course you’re on a jobsite doing a hundred things at once and can’t just drop everything every time the phone rings or chimes.

Oftentimes the job simply goes to the guy who simply answers the phone, text or email. 


SimpleUP! monitors all these events for you (calls, texts, Facebook and Google Messages) and starts engaging these leads automatically, as soon as they come in. 

This means your lead stops calling down the list and starts answering your messages about their project.

This works like magic, except it’s not magic, it’s your SimpleUP! system, working 24/7.

If they sent a text, they get a text back, as if you typed it. If it’s an email – they get answered via email. Google Messenger, phone call – you get the idea. No more lost leads because you didn’t answer them immediately. This alone can be a game-changer for your business and that’s why it’s a central part of SimpleUP!

Your chances of securing the job are 21 times higher if you answer your queries right away.

Problem 2: Booking appointments, Voicemail Hell and “time thieves” burning up your day

Next, you need to make arrangements to see the site to evaluate the project. Time to make arrangements to meet! This process can be very time consuming and frustrating – even after multiple conversations you may find that they’re not interested after all. You call and leave voicemails, send emails, estimates – spend your time, often for nothing.


Automate your intake and qualifying process.

Get all the information you need ahead of time using SimpleUP! – either fully or in part. This can help you qualify your leads, without spending too much time and effort.

SimpleUP! puts you in charge of the conversations, not the other way around.

Booking appointments, sending reminders, followups and rebookings automatically will free up an enormous amount of time for your and your staff.

Problem 3: Online reviews care and management takes too much time!

Like it or not, online reviews are a part of doing business today, heavily influencing your ability to secure future business.

Businesses with strong and positive review presence are far more likely to thrive, yet so many leave it up to chance. It’s no surprise – cultivating positive reviews for your business takes time and effort. 

SimpleUP! is a power tool for getting positive reviews – automatically.


One of the central capabilities of SimpleUP! is giving you the management tools to automatically and proactively manage your reviews. One of our most popular recipes we include in SimpleUP! centre around making sure that your customers have a chance to voice their opinions and concerns.

If the feedback is neutral or negative, it gets sent to you and you only, If the sentiment is positive, SimpleUP! encourages them to post a public review on Google or Facebook.

Problem 4: Phone calls, voicemails, emails, texts, Messengers – who has time to watch them all?

You guessed it – SimpleUP! does! 

Customers texting personal cellphones (yours or your staff), unanswered Facebook messages until you can get to Facebook, emails – people answering different things to the same questions – these are a thing of the past with SimpleUP!


SimpleUP! neatly wraps them all up into an integrated, elegant communications dashboard that anyone authorized can answer. All communications are kept in the context of the specific customer to keep things efficient and avoid confusion.

Problem 5: Complicated technology, setup and understanding multiple tools

There is no shortage of shiny objects in the online marketing space. You may have tried some, you may be using some now, only to end up frustrated and confused. Aside from having to learn new platforms, you may have found that you would need multiple platforms to actually conduct your business!

SimpleUP! replaces many tools you may already be using for your marketing.


SimpleUP! focuses on things that are actually core to your business, stripping away the fancy fluff you don’t need. 

Communications. Customer intake and service. Followups. Satisfaction surveys. Review management. Reporting of key metrics.

SimpleUP! is equally at home with straight-forward setups as well as more complicated deployments (multi-user, multi-location, large online ad inventories etc).

If the above describes some of the problems keeping you from growing your business, you need to take a closer look at SimpleUP! Book a conversation with one of our experts today.