Senior's and Long Term Care Homes

The Current Health Crisis Is Your Opportunity to Stand Out

Communicating Better Is The Best Marketing You Can Do

You're in the spotlight - own it!

Everyone is watching the news, everyone knows someone who is in the system. How you conduct yourself during this crisis will decide whether you get new residents in the future or not.

Communicate Like a Pro

Establish communication protocols across the entire group and manage easily from a single dashboard.

Dispatch timely, accurate and relevant information to your staff, your leads, residents and their loved ones. Use multiple channels like email, texting, ringless voicemail, robo-calls, even Facebook Messenger.

Online Is Where Your Reputation Gets Established, Don't You Want a Say In It?

Don't be a spectator when it comes to your reputation and online reviews.

Our tools and strategies let you be proactive in getting better reviews, solicit new ones and influence positive sentiment.

Automated Visitor Management

We turn a chore into a marketing opportunity.

Clever messaging strategies paired with the right tools and training for all your staff, managed from a single dashboard.

No more text messages on personal cellphones to manage visitors!


Surveys show you care and help you market more effectively. SimpleUP! has a Survey Builder that can host as many surveys as you need to solicit valuable feedback.

You can then create marketing campaigns based on feedback received - automatically.

Right Message, Right Person, Right Time, Right Channel

Think of SimpleUP! as your cutting-edge communication suite.

Monitor, create and manage various conversations for each of your locations, enforcing policy compliance with ease.

Outstanding Support

Your staff can count of top-notch support.

A comprehensive how-to video library, chat, email and one-on-one available for those who need it.

You can take communications and marketing off your todo list - book your discovery call today.

Take the First Step to Improving Communications and Marketing Right Now