VoIP Calling with SimpleUP! (built-in!)

Make and receive calls and texts - all from one unified dashboard. Perfect for WFH Teams!

Part of Your Complete Communication Suite

Empower Your Team With New Capabilities

In the age of Work From Home, this is a very popular feature - making business calls without complicated VoIP setups and technical hassles at someone's home. Who knew - turns out that making calls is still important in business! All you need is a browser, a headset and a computer.

Works With Any Connection

Your teams can make calls right from their browser using a simple $30 headset.

Anywhere there is a connection.

Calls are logged so you and your team can quickly review all activity in the context of a particular contact.

Call Recording

Option to record all calls is available, if you so desire.

Record of such calls would be stored in the dashboard, available for retrieval by the authorized users.

Voicemail Drops

Ringless voicemail drops are popular for a number of applications - follow-ups, reminders, directions and announcements.

Another great tool in your dashboard!

Dedicated Phone Numbers

Multiple locations? Need many phone numbers?

No Problem.

Get as many dedicated numbers as you need to conduct your business.

Phone System That Can Talk and Text

Your team can stay in touch with leads and customers via voice and text messages - all integrated into the dashboard and the contact's record.

Simple, functional and easy to use!

All Nicely Integrated

The cherry on top is the elegant integration.

Texts, calls, web visits and even Facebook messages are neatly kept in one organized record so you don't have to look in 15 places to get information.

SimpleUP! Your Marketing Today.