The Best and Easiest Way To Grow Your Practice

Law Firms and Paralegals - you may want to sit up for this one.

Exponential Growth - Here, If You Want It

Whatever you're spending on advertising, you're not making the most of it.

We can make the statement above with confidence (but don't sue us). The tools we will hopefully get to present to you are built from the ground up to solve this very problem, along with many others your practice faces.

Combined with decades of business and tech experience, we will create a solution that makes your practice stand out.

Personalized and Automated Intake System

Our system engages with your potential clients within mere minutes, starting to earn their trust on your behalf.

We make sure your potential clients get timely, personalized contact regularly, even if you're not there.

Our system will even alert you when they're ready to get down to business.

Automate Appointments, Schedules and Reminders

We all hate wasting time.

SimpleUP! is designed to eliminate the repetitive motions of appointment management. You and your staff will love the time savings it offers daily.

Your clients will also appreciate the ease of use and reliability of our end-to-end scheduling tools.

Reputation Is Everything

Managing and maintaining positive reviews online require real attention and know-how - which is probably why the part-time geek you hired struggles with the process of maintaining reviews online.

Get some real power tools in your hands - automate, be proactive and finally have some influence over your own reviews.

Unified Messaging

In addition being able to automatically send the right message to the right person at the right time, you can now deliver these messages over a variety of channels.

Email, Texting, Facebook Messenger, Ringless Voicemail Drop, Robo-call - pick what works best for that client and for your firm.

Make the Most Out Of Your Existing Clients

Take advantage of the clever tools and strategies SimpleUP! lets you employ within a few clicks!

We call this "Money On The Ground". Are you going to pick it up?


Maximize the Value of Your Marketing Spend

Whatever you're spending, chances are you're not making the most of it.

Our tools make absolutely sure your advertising dollar gets its maximum mileage.

(Hint: If you or your admin follow up on leads, you're doing it wrong.)

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