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Selling has changed - Are Your Sales Reps Stuck In The Past?

Retooling and overhauling your sales process is easier than you think

Old-school prospecting is as good as dead. Read that again. Yes, companies still do it and they'll continue to do it because they're afraid of change, don't know where to start or think it's something beyond their capacity.

Change is good though - live it, breathe it and embrace it!

The Simple Is Good Dashboard lets you combine the old-school selling skills you and your team have with cutting-edge technologies to create a beast of a sales process that's effective, definitely shorter than before and requires less attention on your part.
How does that sound?

Your Sales Process

The "motions" you currently go through can be shortened and simplified, requiring less attention and effort.

Using your Simple Is Good Dashboard you will be able to easily map out everything you normally do manually and automate all the repetitive tasks - sending information to clients, following up, measuring engagement and interest - get personally involved only when your lead is ready.

Let Your Leads Qualify Themselves

Qualify early, qualify thoroughly (and automatically, of course).

Gone are the days when you had to ask every lead every question.

The Simple Is Good Dashboard has the facilities to create unlimited funnels to let you collect all the info you need to determine if the lead is worth your personal attention.

Ready to Scale Up?

Since you won't need to attend to every little thing personally anymore, you may choose to turn up the volume!

Scaling up is easy with the Simple Is Good Dashboard - you always have all your pipelines visually presented, specific messaging prepared for each stage and complete histories of everything that happened with the lead so far.

Measuring Results

Tools to measure effectiveness of your sales processes are a central part of the Simple Is Good Dashboard - after all this is how you improve your process going forward!

It's easy to get carried away with analytics - your Simple Is Good Dashboard includes the key metrics that matter most without the noise.


Playing Well With Others

You may have other systems and integrations in place to assist you with your sales today - good news - you can keep them if you want and still use the Simple Is Good Dashboard without interference.

Chances are you'll switch to Simple Is Good Dashboard later anyway!

If you business is not a good fit for Simple Is Good, we will tell you!

Side By Side or Stand-Alone - Your Choice!

Simple Is Good can be implemented along side your existing assets, by itself or in a hybrid arrangement.

You don't need to redo your website (sometimes it would make sense though!), you don't need discard anything you currently have or use.

You will likely find that your Simple Is Good Dashboard replaces a lot of the 3rd party tools you may be paying for separately.

Take the first step to improving your sales process today.

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