Event Elevator: Skyrocket Your Live Event Attendance

Build Your Tribe, Create Unforgettable Experiences

Build Your Tribe, Create Unforgettable Experiences

  • From cozy gatherings to epic events – scale up effortlessly.
  • Give attendees their pick – Gold, Silver, or Bronze, they choose.
  • Keep 'em coming back with an event they'll rave about.
  • Effortless upgrades with emails that tempt and transform.

You Need It If...:

  • You're in the biz of mind-blowing events but need more faces in the crowd.
  • You're after a loyal following, not just one-off attendees.
  • You dream of effortless ticket tier upgrades.
  • Abandoned carts haunt you – you want every lead locked in.

Why You Should Consider It:

  • Tried and true – we've grown from a room to a movement.
  • Let them carve their path – more choice, more fun.
  • Keep your focus on the show; we've got the invites covered.
  • Don’t lose sleep over drop-offs, our emails reel 'em right back.
Picture your next live event not just filled, but bursting with energy. That's what Event Elevator does – it turns your vision into a destination. Attendees won’t just show up; they’ll feel part of something special. And with options from Bronze to Gold, they tailor their journey to suit their dreams.
Got a seat-warmer? Our crafted emails will have them eyeing the VIP spot. And if life gets in the way and they step back, our abandoned cart magic is there to give them a nudge towards an experience they won’t want to miss.
Boost your crowd numbers by up to a whopping 30%.
See a 25% leap in ticket upgrades, because who doesn’t want the best seat?
With our stunning emails, retain up to 40% more repeat event-goers.
Recover up to 20% of those almost-lost sales with a sequence that seals the deal.