Elevate Your Events with SimpleUP! Live Event Pro

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Ready to take your live events to the next level without getting bogged down in the details? SimpleUP! Live Event Pro provides a comprehensive marketing toolkit designed to scale your event size and impact, from intimate gatherings to grand spectacles.

    You Need It If...:

    • You Organize Live Events: Whether it's local workshops, conferences, or major industry gatherings, our solution adapts to any scale.
    • You Want to Offer Tiered Ticketing Options:Customize attendee experiences with Gold, Silver, or Bronze ticket options, each with its unique perks and pricing.
    • You Aim for Repeat Attendees: Create an unforgettable event experience that keeps your audience coming back year after year.
    • Why You Should Consider It:

      • Automated Marketing Machine: From event promotion to post-event follow-up, leverage pre-built pages and automated emails to keep your attendees engaged.
      • Effortless Ticket Upgrades: Use strategically crafted emails to encourage attendees to upgrade their tickets, enhancing their experience and your revenue.
      • Hassle-Free Management:With our turnkey solution, focus on delivering great content and a fantastic experience; we handle the intricate details of event marketing.

      Transform Your Event Experience with SimpleUP!

      Are you ready to host a spectacular event that's as enjoyable to run as it is to attend? Click here to discover how SimpleUP! Live Event Pro can make your next event a resounding success!
      Boost your crowd numbers by up to a whopping 30%.
      See a 25% leap in ticket upgrades, because who doesn’t want the best seat?
      With our stunning emails, retain up to 40% more repeat event-goers.
      Recover up to 20% of those almost-lost sales with a sequence that seals the deal.