Masterclass Magic: Educate. Elevate. Convert.

Learn at Leisure, Purchase with Pleasure

Learn at Leisure, Purchase with Pleasure

  • Dive into our 'Special Thing' masterclass that sells itself.
  • Fancy a replay? It’s all yours for another viewing.
  • Special offers post-masterclass? Just a click away.

You Need It If...:

  • You're looking to add some pizzazz to your passive selling.
  • You've got wisdom to spread and sales to spearhead.
  • Replay-watchers are your kind of earnings-enhancer.
  • You're big on wooing 'almost buyers' into 'heck yeah' ones.

Why You Should Consider It:

  • Register, chill, and get skilled—all on your own schedule.
  • After class, if our 'Special Thing' tugs at your heart, it’s ready to cart.
  • Bought it? Brilliant! Claiming your goodies is a breeze.
  • Missed out? No sweat. Our sequences have the charm to bring you back.
Imagine an offering so smooth, your prospects glide from curiosity to conversion like they're on a slip 'n slide. That's what the Masterclass Magic Funnel is all about.
Whether they're soaking in knowledge during a live session or catching up on a replay, we make sure the 'aha!' morphs into 'I want it!'. And if they don't? Well, our expertly crafted sequences are designed to entice, remind, and ultimately, nudge them towards that irresistible purchase.
Gear up for a 20% rise in captivated attendees who roll right into buyers.
Bank on a 25% increase in replay viewers turning into eager purchasers.
See up to a 30% boost from our follow-ups that flip 'maybes' to 'sold'.
Clinch up to 35% of those last-minute doubters with our special cart sequence.