SimpleUP! Performance Reports

Good News: Now You Don't Need A Degree In Computer Science

Don't You Hate Reports That "Have Everything"?

We Made Reports Simple And To The Point

Disclaimer: Some terms you do need to understand in order to know whether your ads are bringing you new business or just costing you money. We made the stretch to make it as simple as possible and accurate at the same time in SimpleUP!

Google and Facebook Ad Reports

Your dashboard pulls in reports from Google and Facebook Ads, parses and filters them to present you with clean, easy to read and interpret, actionable info.

Reports on Google and Facebook are still available unedited at their source.

Call Reporting

If you elect to make telephone calls through our system, everything gets logged and reported also. Call duration, how many calls were made to that person etc. A powerful, eye-opening metric as most businesses do not track time spent on the phone (spoiler alert - it's a number!)

Measure Effectiveness Of Any Campaign

Any campaign you run will generate reports "out of the box", reporting on the most important business metrics.

Use the information assembled to make your next campaign better and even more effective!

Track Revenue and Opportunities

If you're selling through the system directly, you may wish to track revenue and opportunities in your pipeline(s).

A quick and accurate way of keeping track of the most important metrics of all - sales, their sources and how they got there.

Metrics In The Context of Your Business

Measure what you want to measure.

No shows to appointments? Submitted reviews? Average sentiment? How about post-visit survey response rate?

Collect metrics on what's important to you!

Your Data, Use It Elsewhere If You Like

Powerful automations are available to extract and manipulate the data you need for use in another system you may employ - either post-event or in real-time.


Understand Your Reports. SimpleUP! Your Business.