Goal: Save time, Improve Communications and Marketing

Practical Use Cases:

Texting for business is not all that new anymore, but combined with clever automation, it can save you and your staff tons of time and frustration. Texting is quick, convenient and - you guessed it - can be automated to relieve a lot of tedious day-to-day.


Massive time savings running the office day-to-day.

Just think how much time you’d save:

  • Not having to confirm each appointment by calling or emailing the person individually
  • Not having to explain how to prepare for the appointment and what you need
  • Not having to explain directions to your business
  • Not having to spend any time rescheduling appointments
  • Mitigating no-shows and rescheduling them automatically through a self-serve facility
  • Templates for customer support = more time savings

Bonus Results:

Improved Marketing capabilities, better PR and better overall image.

New, clever opportunities to stand out and be more memorable:

  • Automated, personalized and personal messages (ie Happy Birthday)
  • Automatic re-engagement campaigns (hi, haven’t see you in a while)
  • Automatic SMS replies, with menu and reply recognition - (press 1 for directions, 2 for bookings etc)
  • Quick and reliable delivery of creative marketing campaigns
  • Much better response than any other medium (98% open rate!)
  • INSTANT responses to new leads, improving your chances of securing new business by 300%!

All our plans offer business texting with generous allotments to help you creatively use text messaging in your business. We also help you with creating automation recipes as part of your initial setup - get on board today and start doing business the easier way!