Dealing With Your Struggling Distributors and Dealers


How are YOU going to help them?

Most of your distributors and dealers do not have the resources to properly present your product to their prospects (and make sales for YOU).

They will not make the necessary investment into:

  • presenting your product properly
  • creating marketing materials featuring your product
  • putting the product in front of buyers

They will sell what’s easy to sell. Is your product easy to sell?

You can print 30,000 catalogues, send it to them and call it a day until next year like everyone else OR you can actually equip them for success.

Here is a scenario that’s not uncommon.

Your reps are repping your product along with other lines. Some of your stuff sells with a decent margin, so they cherry-pick your catalogue and maybe even include a few rockstar items on their own site. If you’re still brave enough to create and print an actual catalogue (yuck!), they may keep a few copies for a while, then  take them out with the bluebox after a few weeks. To get more attention from the reps, you need to surrender more margin. This madness continues year in, year out.

In the absence of value, all you can compete on is price.

Now imagine a scenario where all your reps and distributors have access to a full library of interactive marketing assets, branded with their logo and contact information.

This could include:

  • a showcase ecommerce / quote builder website for each rep or distributor
  • a year-round, professionally conducted email marketing campaign
  • a year-round, professionally created/maintained Social Media presence
  • a year-round distributor recruiting program
  • a complete arsenal of marketing automation tools for followups, setting appointments, reminders etc

Now THAT is value to your distributors and reps. They have something to sell and something to sell with.

So how would you like to turn your sleepy reps into a motivated and well-armed Sales Force that prefers to sell your product? Let’s talk 🙂